Tribute Video From MAD GALLERY MILANO 2018

Tribute Video From MAD GALLERY MILANO 2018

MAD GALLERY MILANO and their curators made a Tribute Video to my Films/Videos and me. Link to Gallery.  MAD GALLERY MILANO in ITALY have a fixed installation of INNER PROJECTION FROM A BROKEN MAN and ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB Going on from 2017 to thru out 2019....

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If you like the films and videos by Danny Germansen and want to support the arts. You can donate an amount by your own choice and support future film productions and video art. Make sure if you donate, that I get your name? So I can put it on the support list in the credits for my next film.

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Donate or send money to Danny Germansen and Brujo Art Company thru PayPal by clicking on this link:

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