This Is the trailer/teaser for our Video Collection. Duration: 1,25 min.

See Full Video Collection under here ..Duration: 21 min.

INNER PROJECTIONS FROM A BROKEN MAN from Danny Germansen on Vimeo.

SHOWING AT MAD GALLERY MILANO FOR 2017/2018 : Link to Gallery.

INNER PROJECTIONS FROM A BROKEN MAN is a collection of video and film from the last 12 years of Danny Germansen life. A work of art that has been inspired by Danny Germansen’s own life with disability, depression and mental breakdown.

The following videos and film are included in the collection:

Synopsis: The feeling of being alienated and lonely in modern society.

BEATEN: 1min.
Synopsis: The feeling of your fragile eggshell mind being beaten down again and again, leading to complete breakdown.

NO LOVE: 1 min.
Synopsis: Lost in darkness og life, hungry for love, companionship and tenderness.

COLD: 1 min.
Synopsis: I feel the world as hard and cold concrete.

NUMB: 1min.
Synopsis: The feeling of alienation towards your body and about an all amotional emptiness and numbness.

WISH: 1 min.
Synopsis: picturing lonely momants in mental pain and solitude on the sofa.

CHOICE: 1min.
Synopsis: To make the choice hanging over the edge, to live or die.

SAFE: 1 min.
Synopsis: Remembering the safe of childhood in the arms of your parents.

Synopsis: Ten phases in a mental breakdown, performed in pictures and acting.
The film teels about different phases such as anxiety, loneliness, breakdown and suicide.

Synopsis: An 8 min. short film about loneliness and alienation in modern society and the struggle to find love and friendship when you are in the need of it.

Danny has thru the internet worked together with artist from Copenhagen, New York and Milano.

Gredits for the videos:
Marek Magierecki (Actor all videos & Camera on COINCIDENCE)
Joshua Sandler (Voice over on ALIENATION & LONELINESS, WISH and NO LOVE)
Brian Madsen (Music on SAFE and NUMB)
Daria Baiocchi (Music on COLD)
Steffen Graumann (Camera & light on BEATEN and COLD)
Danny Germansen (Production)

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