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This is a page for presenting my friends and collaborative partners.

Suzana Lungu

Suzana Lungu is a massage therapist and alternative healer from Romania but now lives in Ribe, Denmark. She is friend of Danny Germansen and has been inspiring intellectually as a muse to some of Danny’s work and has been working as an actor and helping behind the camera in Danny’s projects. She is the star and inspiration of the upcoming short film by Danny Germansen titled Anti-Social Club.

Suzana Lungu on IMDB.

Sylvia Toy St. Louis

Sylvia Toy St. Louis aka Sylviatoyindustries is an actor, experimental filmmaker and greenscreen artist creating cinematic theater. She was a professional theatre artist from 1985-2007 and a professional sculptor from 1985-2010. Sylvia is the creator of VOICE, a 159 minute feature shot in her living room, about a bipolar woman whose psychoses start traveling in outer space when she enters therapy.

VOICE trailers are on YouTube (

Sylvia’s primary YouTube channel is

Daria Baiocchi  

Studied piano, classical composition and electronic music.  Her composition had been played in theatres and concert halls.  She has a brillant carrere as pianist with concerts in Berlin, Miami, Milan, Rome, Rotterdam, Bologna etc.  Winner of National and International prizes as music composer for electronics and for music for video art: Tsonami-Buenos Aires, Pnem soundart festival-Holland, Hilltown for new music-Ireland, Un bosco per kyoto-Italy, Quear-Berlin and Croatia, Mexico, Best soundtrack for videoart “bianca d’Aponte” etc.By the Italian Ministry has been elected “Cavaliere of Gaia” for her compositions that has been broadcast by Holland National radio and by France radio. She publish with Always music edition and RDM recors. She has also a degree in “Classical Literature”of Bologna University.

Daria Baiocchi work #1

Daria Baiocchi work #2

Daria Baiocchi work #3

Daria’s SoundCloud

Marek Magierecki

An entertainer with his own multi circus, Trained in various disciplines such as clown, fire artist, comedy and acting. Also he has a kung fu master class. Has appeared in various tv-shows, films and short films.

Marek Magierecki Is a polish born artist who since his childhood had been living in Denmark.He is based in Copenhagen where he lead his own company named circus multicirkus since 2001. Marek is educated in various disciplines such as fire artist, clown, fakir and different marshal arts and film acting.He performs at children institutes, festivals, theater, museums and tv. Marek has done acting in danish feature films, tv series and commercials

 Alison Williams

Artist and filmmaker from South Afrika.

Founder, leader and curator of the HUMAN EMOTION PROJECT.

Director, writer, producer of TEA IN A THUNDER CUP.

Steffen Graumann

Photographer and graphic artist from my hometown Ribe.

Camera-man on TEA IN A THUNDERCUP, BEATEN, COLD, THE BOX MAN, THE HEALING, KICKING DOWNWARDS, THE SCARES INSIDE and the short film ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB. He also does color grading and sound mastering on ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB and the maker of my new logos and webmaster of this webpage.

Steffen Graumann – also known as Stef G – was born (1968) in the beautiful old town Ribe, Denmark and this is still his home. Throughout his life Stef G has been working in a variety of creative jobs: Sound Engineer, Graphic Designer, Pro Photography and Video.

In the later years Stef G’s love for art has grown to a strong passion. He now devotes most of his time to rethinking and creating art. His work spans photography, zen videos, art lamps, paintings and sculptures. Lots of stuff going on!

Please visit: for a full catalog of Stef G’s work.

Brian Madsen

Musician based in Copenhagen.

Made the music for the videos SAFE and NUMB.

The Electric Boost aka Brian Madsen is a Copenhagen-based electronic composer and producer. He makes powerfully emotive, instrumental music that consistently crosses genres, ranging from solo acoustic piano to explosive, bass-heavy electro

A childhood musical prodigy, he was given a drum set at the age of 7, where he began playing with his father, who played the piano. His father played in several jazz-bands in Brussels and when Brian became skilled enough he began to join in as a temporary replacement. At the age of 16 he studied classical piano and jazz ensemble on the drums at the Music Academy.

Through the years he has been touring with several bands such as Khillcoopa and Lope, but later he decided to focus on his own compositions. He has composed music for TV commercials, radio-jingles and produced EP’s for upcoming bands in Copenhagen and Sweden . Aged 24 he decided to concentrate on exploring more contemporary sounds and began to write his solo music.

Due to other music projects, his solo album will be released in the beginning of 2012, which is going to be available on itunes and Vinyl.

Joshua Sandler

Photographer, video artist and filmmaker from NEW YORK.

Does the voice over for my videos ALIENATION & LONELINESS, WISH and NO LOVE.

Joshua Sandler is a photographer and video artist based in Brooklyn, NY who works mostly in collaboration with his younger brother zachary. Joshua and Zachary Sandler are Brooklyn based artists who come from distinct creative backgrounds.  Zachary was trained in modern drama and performance, earning a masters’s degree at UCD in Dublin, Ireland, while Joshua earned an MFA in photography and video at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  Zachary is currently studying to be a psychotherapist and Joshua teaches photography and video in New York. They work predominantly in performance-based video, employing post-dramatic performance style and highly confrontational documentary/interview techniques with sometimes-volatile subjects. They facilitate scenarios that attack and upset the sense of comfort that so often leads to the dishonesty and denial prevalent in postmodern life.

As teenagers the two brothers began collaborating on photography projects as a means to subvert a reality marked by alienating social constructs. These early works, steeped in adolescent psychosexual energy, documented the fantasy, inhibition and intimacy shared between family and close friends. The photographic sensibilities that now permeate their video work, utilizing techniques fashioned for the stretching out and locking in to highly emotional/visceral moments, were developed in large part during their adolescent collaborations.

Reminiscent of Artaudian theatre, the brothers’ work is overtly aware of the caring and cruelty involved when performers show an audience a truth that they do not wish to see. The aim is to capture a general state of alienation, and the protective worlds that people create in the midst of oppressive or tumultuous circumstances.

The brothers’ major work for 2010, titled the ‘Evan Trilogy,’ is a series of three films depicting the inner world of their bipolar friend Evan Shaffer.  Josh and Zach film and edit their video work themselves, and in general employ a keep it simple and raw philosophy to producing videos. They have been featured internationally in numerous screening and film festivals and continue to produce new work.

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