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Brujo Art Company is, Company as in a collective of people doing art together. We do different disciplines as.

Cult & ArtHouse Film / Video Art / Poster & Photo Art / T-shirts / Music / Poetry / etc.

Brujo Art Company was founded by artist Danny Germansen as a possibility to produce, present and sell his & collaborators art under one name.

Danny Germansen’s Mini Biography

Danny Germansen (Born 1976) is an award-winning filmmaker and video-artist who was raised in a dysfunctional family in a little town on the west coast of Jutland in Denmark called Ribe.

Playing music most of his teenager years, Danny first started to work with video and film at the age of 21. His main body of work are inspired by a life with disability, depression and mental breakdown.

Danny’s early work with films has been used as therapy, a way to work himself out of a low point in his life from his 20’s up thru his 30’s years of life, where he was suffering from severe depression, mental agony, isolation and loneliness – Caused by his troubled childhood with two spinal surgery operations at the age of 9 and 14 which left Danny paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Plus having a psychopath father who made him emotional and mentally unstable.

Those early works that can been seen in the video collection INNER PROJECTIONS FROM A BROKEN MAN is emotions and thoughts from a mental breakdown told thru film/video.

But Danny does also do other topics as political, social-society and philosophical related work. Danny’s work has been shown around the world at festivals and various venues. Here on Brujo Art Company website – BrujoArt.com. You can stream videos and films and view art, etc. – We also have a shop where you can buy video downloads, dvd’s, poster art and t-shirts

Enjoy ! – And thanks for your interest.


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About the Film/Video work:


As an ongoing problem in the industrialized world the human race gets more and more lonely and alienated, The world turns faster and faster and people are more busy then ever working, making career, making family, making money and having all the right material stuff and doing all social acceptable thing that is the norm of society!

It is in this world where the sick and weak humans goes under the radar and lives outside society. They live on the edge of society in isolation, loneliness and alienation!

The film and videos by Danny Germansen show the humans who are down and out by society without the possibility to save themselves! It is the mentally ill and physically challenge who is not able to follow the fast modern society! No one thinks about these people, they are on their own, sometimes caught in a life full of pain. Some choose suicide as their last resource.

It is with inspiration in his own life that Danny makes these videos/films that sometimes can seem embarrassing and ruthless. But only are true emotions that all humans is capable of to feel if they where in the same situation.

TRAILER OF OUR NEW ART-HOUSE SHORT FILM MANIFESTATION : For more info go to BrujoArt.com/Manifestation

TRAILER OF OUR VIDEO COLLECTION INNER PROJECTIONS FROM A BROKEN MAN : For more info go to BrujoArt.com/inner-projections-from-a-broken-man.

TRAILER OF OUR ART-HOUSE SHORT FILM FROM 2018 ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB : For more info go to BrujoArt.com/Anti-Social-Club

A PLAYLIST AND PRESENTATION OF THE INNER PROJECTIONS FROM A BROKEN MAN VIDEO COLLECTION : For more info and to watch more videos go to BrujoArt.com/Video-on-Demand



About the Poster/T-Shirt work:

Danny’s Poster work are inspired by the Pop Art movement and especially inspired by Andy Warhol.

Some of the T-Shirt work are inspired by the underground movements and counterculture as Skate, Hip-Hop, Trash, Punk and Grunge.

Other T-Shirt works are Pop Art printed on a variety of colorful and playful products.

Link to Print-On-Demand of Images, Artworks & Designs by Danny Germansen in the REDBUBBLE SHOP


About the Music Project:

Our music project is called The Radical Beat Underground – Out Now! Just Released, Click on the link below.




2009/2010 Danny collaborated with the EXQUISITE CORPSE VIDEO PROJECT VOL. 2 curated by Brazilian filmmaker and video artist KIKA NICOLELA. The ECVP vol. 2 is a collaboration of over 60 artists from all over the world. Where the video artist continue the work of the other artist. ECVP vol. 2 shows around the world. www.exquisitecorpsevideoproject.wordpress.com

2010/2011 Danny attending the HEP: HUMAN EMOTION PROJECT Curated by ALISON WILLIAMS from South Africa. The project collects video and film from all over the world about human emotions and screens them around the world. 4art.com/group/humanemotionproject2009

2009/2010/2011 Danny’s film and videos shown at festivals in New York, Switzerland, Poland, China and Herning (Denmark). Plus other shows at galleries and an art event in London by ACTART.

2010/2011 Danny works together with South African filmmaker and artist ALISON WILLIAMS on a feature art film project called TEA IN A THUNDER CUP. www.facebook.com/pages/TEA-IN-A-THUNDER-CUP   Amongst other collaborations, Danny work together with actor Marek Magierecki from Copenhagen and video artist Joshua Sandler from New York.

2012 Working on video COLD together with Marek Magierecki, Steffen Graumann and the wonderful new classic and electronic musician Daria Baiocchi from MILANO, Italy. COLD has this year been showed at 5 festivals.

2012 At the end of 2012 I signed a contract with SKY TELEVISION, Italy. On them showing my Video BEATEN on those channel SKY ARTE, It will go in rotation for a while in a daily program!

2013 ALIENATION & LONELINESS are going on an tour with THE TIME IS LOVE 6 – 2013 tour. Curated by Kisito Assangni

2009 / 2014 Accepted a an VideoArt.net Artist with 6 videos.

2014 INNER PROJECTIONS FROM A BROKEN MAN was shown as an part of GLOBAL VILLAGE 2014 at KULTUR HUSET BRØNDEN, 2660 BRØNDBYSTRAND, COPENHAGEN. From 8 aug. to 14 sept. 2014. Curated by Jeroen Van Paassen.

2014 THE HEALING was shown at an festival in Portugal, at ALCOBACA HISTORIC CENTER, From 31 may. to 4 june 2014, Curated by Alberto Guerreriro.

2015 Made two new videos with MAREK MAGIERECKI and STEFFEN GRAUMANN. The two videos are titled THE SCARES INSIDE and KICKING DOWNWARDS.

2016 Was a part of an 3 month retrospective show with the ECVP in SAO PAOLO, BRASIL. Curated by. KIKA NICOLELA

2016 Summer and autum 2016 I was a part of 3 shows in ROMA and 2 shows in VENICE, ITALY. Curated by LUCA CURCI and his IT`S LIQOID GROUP

2017/2018 M.A.D.S MILANO running 11 of our films from January 2017 to thru out 2018 Link to Gallery

2018 ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB Premier and showing exclusive at MAD GALLERY in MILANO : Link to Gallery

2018 ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB has been selected for various festivals and been winning awards. Link to the Film.

2018 THE HEALING are going on tour with Global Videos – For an celebration of Human Rights 2018 Curated by Jeroen van Paassen : Link to Film

2019 Continuation of the fixed installment of INNER PROJECTION FROM A BROKEN MAN and a few other videos at M.A.D.S. MILANO, in Italy. Link to Gallery

2019 The premier of our Art-House short film MANIFESTATION : Link to Film

2020 Our arthouse short film MANIFESTATION has been selected for various festivals and winning a few Awards : Link to Film

2020 MANIFESTATION winning the Golden Fox Awards for the best of the best of 2019 by Calcutta International Cult Festival : Link to Film

2020 MANIFESTATION is streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the USA, Canada and UK. Link to Film

2020 MANIEFSTATION and ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB are streaming on newly started streaming platform ACID FACTORY. Link to Acid Factory





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